Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Layout + DS Games

Fixed up this layout a bit. I asked a friend what he thought of the page and he didn't like the layout. As more people are finally visiting my page, I am driven to actually post a bit more, making me happy and making everyone else happy.

As for games I will be reviewing, it will be the DS games I own. Of which include:
Pokemon: Heart Gold
Pokemon: Soul Silver
Lunar: Dragon Song
Megaman Zero Collection
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Animal Crossing: Wild World

I've been playing them all somewhat infrequently, but just for you people, I will be picking them back up(including lunar) in order to let you know how good, or bad a game is.

And those of you that love me, you can add me if you like on my DS games. When I get my friend codes, I will post them in here. You can comment if you like with your friend code. 

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