Monday, January 17, 2011

Game Reviews

May as well start a general review of games, since that's a lot of what I do, is gaming. May contain spoilers.


Borderlands, an FPS RPG(First-Person Shooter Role-Playing Game),  brings a few new ideas to the table, but re-uses a lot of others. For example, the levelling system in an FPS game was also used in the Fallout games. A fun game, but probably not a must buy. I'd say rent it on a console, play it for a week, beat it, and take it back.

The graphics on borderlands are a nice, pleasing change to the newer halo games that throw a ton of Bloom effects in your face. The world almost looks like it was painted. The cell shading is also very nice, but I've noticed a few issues with the graphics. On my graphics card, since I play it on the PC, everything starts to look flat, much like a halo-2 esque loading. Everything loads, then fills in. Other than that, a fun change to more popular games' graphics styles.

The best part of the sound in this game is the humor, which there is no shortage of. While playing, I was getting a good laugh in during different parts. The DLCs aren't any different, and some are actually better at laying on the funny.
The worst pat of the sound on the other hand.. I'd have to say it's the bandits. The enemies you are always fighting until near the end of the game. I probably have all five of their lines memorized, and can usually predict what they're going to say.. before I even run into them. Good humor, repetitive enemies.

I didn't expect some of the key bindings to work as well as they did with this game. The defaults are a bit odd, especially since I'm used to games like crysis, or battlefield, where F is melee or something. But it worked, suprisingly well. Most of the combat comes in short, fast bursts, with a lot of wandering.. until about mid-game. This game have vehicle sections, but they drive a lot like halo's warthogs. They're easy to control, but they don't let you turn your camera without turning the car. I didn't see too much of an issue with this though, because if you're doing it right, the vehicles can turn on a dime anyway.

All in all, I'd shy people against buying this game, as I know few people who will pick this up again after playing it for a month.

Personal opinion on the game:
The game in itself was fun, if a bit unrefined.  I liked it, in the same sense that I like cake or shrimp. Great taste, but too much upsets my stomach and makes me want to kick it's dish away from the table for good. Although I usually just keep eating shrimp 'cause it tastes so good.

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