Friday, January 21, 2011


Aurora is a pretty awesome little 5$ indie game that can be found at

The Idea behind this game seems to be the basics of an RTS game, of which it will be reviewed as one.

Graphics are an important part of most games, and this one's graphics aren't lacking, for what it is. Your 'units' are particles, and your 'bases' are blue-hued suns. There's a little bit of a graphical beat that goes with the music as well. Enemies are red or green, while the neutral bases are grey.

The sound is is up to par with the pretty graphics. A good music track that has a nice beat. As you move towards your enemies and your units clash, they create their own underlying background music track, which is also pretty awesome and it doesn't ever really clash with the main track that's playing. The sound effects are also nice and high quality.

The gameplay on this is simple and easy to learn. Grab your units inside your circle of selection and drag them to where you want them to go. You can also click multiple times in one spot to prepare your units for an 'assault' which gathers them together and makes them hit an opposing or neutral sun faster. There are Six of each easy and hard levels, and as you progress, they do seem to get harder, so this is also a plus.

All around:
This is a nice little indie game, and I'd actually like to see a lot more from this guy, since he seems to know what he's doing. I'd say play the demo, and if you like it, then throw him the 5$ and get the game.

Opinion on the game:
While this isn't a game I see myself playing years from now.. but who knows, I may be wrong. I still occassionally pull out the old gameboy for some good old tetris.. I think it's a great, fun game, that will allow you to burn a good 20-30 minutes if you need something to do for that time period, like tetris.

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